Monday, 21 March 2011

New Staff Member

Welcome to Jim who has joined us today in our venture to grow wonderful fresh produce with the use of chemicals will be a challange to keep the slugs at bay but one i am sure will be worth it :)
Had a good team meeting Thanks Guys
Andrew now getting going with the Planting Plan
Tom getting on with the Log Store disabled toilet and yurt base oh yes forgot to metion we are now proud owners of a 19ft yurt at long last, thanks to our friends at Staffs CC
Teresa is getting started on the animal information packs and Stacey sorting out the site office and sorting the animals feeding the llamas, cows, horses ducks and chickens its all good fun
Danny is busy moving soil to put in our potatoe patch and every one is enjoying the sun shine

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  1. OOPS it should say without the use of chemicals (Red face)