Saturday, 28 September 2013

Would you like to get a little closer to nature? 
If so, Farm2Grow are offering you the chance to come along and get involved with the planting of our fruit orchard. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just want to experience a little of the outdoors, you’ll get to meet some fantastic people (and animals!), get your hands as dirty as you like, feel free to bring a pair of gloves if you don’t like dirt and take in some beautiful views.
Farm2Grow are a not for profit organisation, we spend our time helping nature help people. We hope our tree planting days will provide a unique day out for people of all ages, from the very young to the less young, though we must ask that if children do come along, they are supervised by an adult – the Farm2Grow team will be somewhat preoccupied with our trees!
The Plan
We are planting 125 trees and we need your help!!
We are aiming to plant the trees throughout October and November on Saturdays. You’re very welcome to pop in anytime you like between 11am & 3pm on any Saturday while the tree planting is taking place, but if you know you’re coming and it’s convenient drop us an
Otherwise, if it takes your fancy on a crisp Saturday morning, we’ll still welcome you with smiles and spades!
When and Where
We’re based at:
Baileys Barn Farm
Cheadle Road
Wetley Rocks
And until our trees are planted, these are the dates we intend to be planting them:
Saturday 5th October 2013
Saturday 12th October 2o13
Saturday 19th October 2013
Saturday 26th October 2013
Saturday 2nd November 2013
Saturday 9th November 2013
Saturday 16th November 2013
Saturday 23rd November 2013
Saturday 30th November 2013
If you are thinking about coming towards the end of the project, please check back, we’ll continue to update the web site with the status of the orchard so you know how many we have left to plant.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Long time no postings

Hello again

Back again after a long hard winter :)

All is well and we are bust planting this years seeds and crowing the crops ready for our next venture.

One of the things we are looking at is planting a memorial fruit orchard.

The plan is to allocate plots and plant trees then offer the allotted plot to people to name a loved one.  The cost involved will be to secure the tree from the animals and a small maintenance cost to tend to the tree all year round.

Anyone got any views on this?

Lets hear your thoughts and views on the idea PLEASE

Many Thanks


Monday, 20 August 2012

Open farm day celebrations FREE Event

We have been busy working away preparing for our open farm day celebrations on 1st September 2012.
We have a couple of spaces left for local people to hold a stall and sell their wares, we are not charging for the stalls but would request 10% of any sales to be donated to the farm2grow project, so if you know anyone who would be interested please contact me on 07766836006 or 01782551833.  Everything must be locally produced or hand made.

We are also in search of a face painter, children's entertainer and someone to play music. Know anyone???

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Farm2grow: Welcome new members :)

Farm2grow: Welcome new members :): Brilliant day today finished classroom off, repaired leeks and completed plumbing work in classroom cleared three large beds panted garlic g...

Welcome new members :)

Brilliant day today finished classroom off, repaired leeks and completed plumbing work in classroom cleared three large beds panted garlic groomed horses and had a very very good day. Welcome Maria, Ben and Kate hope you enjoyed your day :). Thanks also to Greg, Kelvin, Jim Ian and last but not least Emily you all did brilliant work :

Monday, 28 November 2011

Two award winners at the NULCVS awards ceremony

Both Ian and Kelvin BOTH won an award each at tonights awards ceremony presented by NUL community and Voluntary services and partners awards ceremony held at Keele Hall.
A very well done to Ian for winning the Trustee of the year award 2011 and Kelvin for winning the Volunteer of the year award 2011.
Fantastic achievement and so well deserved :)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

NCVS Awards Ceremony 28 November 2011

We have two finalists in the running for Newcastle Voluntary Services (NCVS) awards ceremony on the 28 November 2011 at Keele Hall.
Well done Kelvin your in the final three for Volunteer of the year and to Ian for Trustee (Director) of the year 2011
GOOD LUCK guys you both deserve the nomination and we hope you go all the way and win :)
Love from all at farm2grow :)